Long-acting viral and bactericidal raw materials for:

  • Surface treatment

  • Room atomization


Revolutionary technology for purification and protection

C-PIPES supplies quality steel pipes in any desired format and in all available diameters. Our pipes and related products (such als accessories, couplings, fittings etc.) are coated with Modinac on the inside, a revolutionary coating which makes C-PIPES stand out. Modinac does not just protect and strengthen our products; it purifies and neutralises at the same time! This make C-PIPES unique.

By choosing C-PIPES products you choose:

  • An environmentally friendly and durable protection agains bacteria and surface residue
  • An active and hardwearing anti-corrosion layer which provides our pipes with the maximum protection
  • Guarantees of an extended life span for C-PiPES products
  • Increased fire safety
  • Cost saving
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C-PIPES aims for extremely high levels of quality. This puts us in a position to issue quality guarantees. As a customer you can therefore rest assured that you will actually receive the very best quality and service. C-PIPES applies a guarantee period of 10 years for its products.

The anti-bacterial effect of Modinac

C-PIPES products are provided with a Modinac coating which guarantees a long life span for the pipes. Yet Modinac has another, perhaps more important, characteristic. It had a purifying, anti-baterial effect on the liquids in the pipe, thereby preventing the build up of bacteria, dirt and corrosion. An innovative and pioneering procedure which ensures very valuable outcomes in the field of fire prevention (sprinkler systems), healthcare, water purification and water treatment for example.

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Modinac protects in two ways:

1. Protection of the pipe itself
Modinac forms a durable and hard-wearing anti-corrosion layer which protects the pipe, guaranteeing a longer life span.

2. Protection of the contents of the pipe
Modinac has a purifying effect on the liquids which are temporarily or permanently present in the pipe. Modinac prevents the growth of bacteria and surface residue in an active and environmentally friendly way.


The effect of Modinac was examined and tested by the independent and well-known Institut Hohenstein in Baden-Wuerttemberg (Germany). The various tests proved that Modinac has a strong anti-bacterial and purifying effect.


Fields of application

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Fire prevention

Imagine that a fire breaks out in your home or business premises and the sprinkler installation fails to operate due to a blockage in the system as a result of corrosion and the build up of bacteria in the relevant pipes. The damage would be incalculable!

The knowledge that pipes supplied by C-PIPES are coated with Modinac is soothing and reassuring. This protective and purifying coating combats the formation of corrosion in the pipes and precents the growth of bacteria and surface residue, providing an increased level of fire safety.

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The build up of dirt, rust and bacteria in steel pipes and sprinkler systems prevents a good, strong flow of extinguishing water.

Pipes supplied by C-PIPES are coated with Modinac. This protective and purifying coating combats the formation of corrosion in the pipes and precents the growth of bacteria and surface residue, providing an increased level of fire safety.


Hospitals and other health institutions have been battling against the growth of resistant bacteria such as MRSA (Meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) for many years now. These resistant strains of bacteria cause huge problems as they trigger infections among patients who are in a weakened state or who are recovering from an operation. C-PIPES makes an important contribution to the fight against these bacteria: our pipes are coated in Modinac which has a strong anti-bacterial effect.

Water treatment

Coated pipes supplied by C-PIPES have also been used successfully in water purification and water treatment. Water of a lower quality (such as surface water) is improved and upgraded by the active and purifying effect of the coating. This makes a considerable difference to the process from both a technical and a financial perspective.

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Zuid Nederlandse Buizen BV

C-PIPES is a subsidiary of Zuid Nederlandse Buizen BV (ZNB for short). ZNB has built up a huge wealth of experience and expertise over the years in the stocking (on a large scale) and delivery of large quantities of steel pipes, pipe components, stopcocks and prefabricated pipe constructions. Quality assurance, flexibility, experience and a complete range are the core values of this family company. It is therefore the core value quality assurance which has led to the development of a revolutionary new product: C-PIPES.

ZNB is your obvious point of contact for all questions and enquiries regarding pipes and accessories. For further information about ZNB you can visit the website www.znbmaastricht.nl.



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